Our Story

While traveling in Mexico, Kevin and I were approached by children selling chewing gum and bracelets on the street for mere change. These children seemed powerless, scared, and eager to just get by. During our honeymoon to Thailand, we encountered much of the same defenseless but hardworking children. As with most destination vacations, our resort was beautiful, but we were surprised to turn the corner to see young children bathing in the river, right in front of their make-shift homes. We had traveled abroad individually before we were married and each seen similar conditions, but this time around something was different. Together, we felt we could do something to change the course of these children’s lives.

We believe in simple opportunities, similar to the ones we were given when our parents took a chance to immigrate to America to provide better opportunities for our families. Torn between making a living and doing what we loved, our passion for making a difference eventually took over. Utilizing my marketing experience and Kevin’s passion of finding great deals & coupons, we are committed to introducing all the savings around the web to our shoppers while allowing us to contribute to a wealth of children and families in need. This is how we became Shop2fund.

We believe our concept requires minimal effort for our shoppers to save online while maximizing charitable giving. In order to help as many children and families as possible, we are dedicated to donating 50% of our profits to our charity partners. Our hope is that you join us on this journey in providing the children and families an opportunity to thrive.

-Tina & Kevin Nguyen